S T A R D U S T  &  C O.  officially launched in February of 2019. These collections are rooted in raw stones, metal and clay. I made jewelry for many years as a creative release and way of keeping my hands busy. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon clay as a medium with my best friend at a giant craft store that this concept came full circle. The harmony that is created with these three elements together just rounded out all of my past years of stone collecting & jewelry making. The freedom that clay brings to create with colors, textures and shapes perfectly complements the rawness of stone & the polished finish of metal.

The name Stardust came from, of all things, the National Geographic series “One Strange Rock”. (I’ll take this time to strongly suggest that you go watch it, if you have not done so already) This documentary is all about the creation on this crazy planet & its interworkings. When I was watching it, I was caught off-guard by this thought: everything that is on this planet  < | alive + dead  |  natural + manmade  |  human + animal  |  hard + soft  |  air + solid earth  | >   can be traced back to  s t a r d u s t. This thought that everything, and everyone, are beautifully unified by this origin really struck me. At first, this name fit because it was a whimsical way of unifying clay, metal & stone; but now, I consider it a superseding mantra for not only my creations but also my outlook on life. All one.

Each of these pieces are uniquely designed + created with the intent to be different, while paying homage to our sameness.